Why face masks are important

Why are face masks important?

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control is recommending face mask usage as may help reduce the spread of infection in the community by minimising the excretion of respiratory droplets from infected individuals.

What type of face mask are in the market?


different types of face mask

Surgical Mask: it's a face mask used by healthcare workers to prevent large respiratory droplets from reaching the mouth of the wearer; also reduce the spread of large respiratory droplets from the person wearing it.
Cloth Mask: it's a cloth face mask that includes various forms of self-made or commercial masks; they are not standardised and not intended for use in healthcare settings.
Personal Protective Equipments: it's a face mask used by healthcare workers designed to protect the wearer from exposure to airborne contaminants. 

Where do we fit?   

Our Cloth Masks are 100% MADE IN ITALY with the highest quality material and advanced technology. 

The mask is made of nylon Q-SKIN fibre, with silver ions that allows the regulation of bacterial proliferation with effective duration.
Our product is subjected to a water repellent ecological treatment that waterproofs it, to make sure the mask absorbs the moisture that comes out of the mouth.
The antimicrobial fabric comfortably covers mouth and nose, guaranteeing also an odor capturing effect.
The Q-SKIN fibre is breathable and washable up to x20 times, making it highly cost effective.
Our cloth face masks are not surgical or PPE


How face masks should be used?

The use of a face masks in the community should be considered only as a complementary measure and not as a replacement of the core preventive measures: physical distancing, staying home when ill, teleworking, respiratory etiquette, meticulous hand hygiene and avoiding touching the face, nose, eyes and mouth. Follow all guidance issued by your local authorities and the government.

Wearing a mask is an act of solidarity!


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